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Non-profit organization

The Colfax Skatepark is sponsored by the Colfax Green Machine. The Colfax Green Machine, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation, established by parents, coaches, and community members. They are dedicated to helping youth sports and academic groups in the Colfax area.

Placer County Sheriff's Office

   My name is Sergeant Ty Conners with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.  I am writing to you on behalf of the Colfax Skatepark Committee and “The Colfax Green Machine” (a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization).  These organizations are working in collaboration with the community to build a New Public Skatepark for our community’s youth.  We envision creating a vibrant community center for engaging the youth of Colfax and the surrounding area.  The Skatepark will facilitate developing civic identity and community interaction!   We estimate over 900 kids in our community are passionate about skateboarding, BMX, scootering and rollerblading.  The youth of Colfax do not have a place to safely pursue their sport.  Their passion and athletic drive should be supported by a safe, sanctioned place to exercise, socialize, and develop skills that will be useful throughout their lives. We are dedicated to making this happen! We are appealing to you for Help!   Our team has paired with Grindline Skateparks, Inc. to design a customized facility. We are seeking donations to bring us closer to our goal of $500,000 to build a park that will make Colfax proud and keep our youth engaged.  You can be a part of this project by supporting our youth with a monetary donation, material donation, and/or volunteer donation.   Business and community leaders as well as hundreds of individuals have pledged support! The City Council of the City of Colfax, by resolution, stands with the coalition to see the skatepark built.  Our community is clearly excited and eager to see this project succeed. Please consider how you would like to support this important project. I have included our acknowledgment list for your review.   I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with us.  I have attached a list of materials needed for this project and the financial estimate as well. If you have any questions regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact me.   Thank you,     Sergeant Ty Conners  

We need you!

We need your help and support. This project is funded only by our efforts of fundraising, grants, sponsors and donations. This webpage will help you learn more about our project and how to donate or become a sponsor.

The BOS (Board Of Skate) Committee was established to oversee the project and is made up of various community members who are volunteering their time to make sure this project is successful.

Committee members:

Jeff Baughn, Auburn Snowboard Academy 

Erik Bibelheimer: Design Manager

Jay Watson, Milo Board and Skate, Auburn ca.

Carlos Ortiz: Social Media/Designer

Mathew Eversole, Secretary/designer

Travis Berry, logo and download designer

Sergeant Ty Conners, Project Manager

Kristy Brothers, President Colfax Green Machine

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Thank you to our Sponsors

Elite Sponsors $30,000+


Platinum Sponsors $20k to $29,999


Gold Sponsors $10k to $19,999

Leigh-Anne Moore Fights

Silver Sponsor $1000 to $9,999

City of Colfax

Motherload Foundation

Colfax Lioness Club

Colfax Beach Hut Deli

Pinetop Apartment Association Colfax, Ca.

Bruce Watson

Virtual Flowerchild Aine Coaching

Other ways to donate

 We provide a few options for other ways to donate towards the Colfax Skatepark, every penny counts and get's us closer to our goal. Below you can download the donation form listed in the "download" section. You can also visit gofundme.com  and enter "Colfax Skatepark" or purchase a t-shirt or buy an engraved brick that will be set at the Skatepark sitting area.  All checks must be written to " Colfax Green machine"

Where are we with our goal...........

This a huge project and a lot of money to raise and materials to gather. We break down the project into two groups "Cash" and "Materials". 65% of this project is made up of materials. So we are really focusing on getting donated materials to offset the need for cash in hand. 

So far we have raised $40,000 in cash with small fundraisers and donations.


Thank you to Jack Berry for creating this video for the Colfax Skatepark, we used this video to show Colfax City Council the need for this project.


This 3D video was created by Erik to give the viewer a nice overlook of what the skatepark will look like.


Below are all the forms necessary to review about the project and how to either donate or become a sponsor. If you are going to be sending in a check, please fill it out to "Colfax Green Machine".  If you need further information please send us a message or call and we can get back to as soon as possible. There is also a materials list added, for anybody who would like to donate materials to this project as well. 65% of the total project costs is the materials list so any help with that would be very beneficial. Once we receive your donation we will then send you your your tax deduction letter from Colfax Green Machine.

Sponsor levels (pdf)


Sponsor level donation form (pdf)


under $1000 donation form (pdf)


Colfax Skatepark Concept 24 x 36 (pdf)


skatepark logo (jpg)


Materials List (docx)


Letter on project (docx)


facepage (docx)


Materials List (docx)